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Nagel Heyer Records

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Nagel Heyer BSIN01670033

Harrison, Donald - Free Style

Donald Harrison, who gained his initial recognition in the 1980s when he was with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and co-led a band with Terence Blanchard, has continued growing and evolving ever since that time. Though underrated, he is currently at the peak of his powers. With this fabulous recording - his third album for Nagel Heyer - Harrison shows one more time that he is a superior post-bop improviser with a sound of his own. This session is mostly a trio outing with Vicente Archer (bass) an... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01669202

Roditi, Claudio / Ignatzek, Klaus / Rassinfosse, Jean-Louis - Light In The Dark

Roditi is often presented on records and in concert as a big band power player but here we have an appealing illustration of the intimate and elegant sides of his musical personality. More than that, this is very much a trio of equals with each player listening to the others and developing their ideas and moods. They are all inventive, melodic swingers so their music plays to the head, the heart and the feet. Apart from ‘Rapaz de Bem’ and ‘Amor de Nada’, the numbers are originals; nine from Ign... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01669479

Copland, Marc / Osby, Greg - Night Call

This album is about night and day. It's about controversy. It's about Marc and Greg. It's about friendship. As Marc says: "Special thanks to Greg for being such a great partner in the search for the unexpected. It's my good fortune to know you." And Greg replies: "Special thanks to Marc for functioning as the perfect one-man-band support mechanism. I'm grateful for your friendship." The follow-up to Marc Copland and Greg Osby's critically acclaimed 2003 release 'Round and Round'. "There can be... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01778894

String Zone - Mystery Bag

String Zone is surely one of the most promising newcomer bands in the Norwegian music scene. Their name is program, as strings are required to join the band. String Zones concept is modern, melodic jazz – with strong influences from rock and other music genres. The compositions are exclusively made by the band members. Please check this recording out! You won’t regret it! String Zone released their first CD in December 2001, at that time by the name NEJQ, and below are quotes from some jazz mus... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01779171

Paradigm Shift (feat. Wycliffe Gordon, Marcus Printup and Joe Locke) - Shifting Times

What is a Paradigm Shift? Think of a Paradigm Shift as a change from one way of thinking to another. It's a revolution, a transformation, a sort of metamorphosis. It just does not happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change. Melvin Henderson, Gerry Youngman, and Ted Poor make up the band Paradigm Shift, and they have something to say with their first album. "It is our aim to create music that is original and that will draw people because of what it is, not what it resembles. The music i... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01779448

Reichert, Ralph / Quartet with Randy Sandke - Reflections

A live recording that sounds so fresh as some of Pablo's best Live at Montreux albums. That is an art. Ralph Reichert Quartet and the smart trumpet star Randy Sandke really got it. Versatility, experience, excellence and a biting performance, that is Randy Sandke, quality that can be heard bar by bar. He went through the roller coaster of the music industry, and you can hear that with every note he blows. Randy Sandke knows what he wants and he does not allow misunderstandings to arise. Someone... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01731250

Stripling, Byron - Byron, Get One Free ....

Mit Byron Stripling, Wycliffe Gordon, Frank Wess, Bill Charlap, Peter Washington, Ira Coleman, Dennis Mackrel. 10 Titel. ... a convincing player in every genre. (Jazz Times) ... easily recommended. More please.(Jazz Review)
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01717400

Schoenecker, Joachim - In The Moment

Featuring Joachim Schoenecker, Chris Potter, John Goldsby, Adam Nussbaum. “Joachim Schoenecker stands tall as a young guitar player of the first order. (Down Beat) “An extraordinary jazz guitar player." (Gitarre & Bass). 10 Tracks.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01730973

Nagel Heyer Allstars, The - Uptown Lowdown (A Jazz Salute To The Big Apple)

The Nagel Heyer dream team swings Manhattan. A jazz salute to the Big Apple recorded live at the 1999 JVC Jazz Festival New York. Special thanks to George Wein. Featuring Randy Sandke, Warren Vache, Wycliffe Gordon, Ken Peplowski, Allan Vache, Scott Robinson, Joe Temperley, Howard Alden, Eric Reed, Mark Shane, Rodney Whitaker, Joe Ascione.15 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01649258

Masso, George / Allstars - The Wonderful World Of George Gershwin

Alles begann mit George Gershwins Geburtstag am 26. September 1992. Damals produzierte Nagel Heyer ein Jazzkonzert mit Musik von Gershwin, das live aufgenommen wurde um ein Souvenir dieser Veranstaltung zu bekommen. Der Mitschnitt wurde dank der daran teilnehmenden hervorragenden Musiker ein großer Erfolg.
Mit George Masso, Kenny Davern, Randy Sandke, Danny Moss, Eddie Higgins, Len Skeat, Jake Hanna.
9 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01663108

New York Allstars, The / Sandke, Randy - The Bix Beiderbecke Era

Producers Note: After the successful concert in Hamburg with the George Masso Allstars last year (Nagel-Heyer Records CD 001) Randy Sandke decided to return with his New York Allstars to play a salute to Bix Beiderbecke six months later. His group consists of the cream of musicians from the New York Swing scene and gave a rousing concert on a very hot evening in the Musikhalle in Hamburg. (Hans Nagel-Heyer) Mit Randy Sandke (tp., co.), Dan Barrett (tb., tp.), Ken Peplowski (cl.), Scott Robinson... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01663385

New York Allstars, The - Broadway (The New York Allstars Play Jazz Favorites)

In May of 1993 I brought a band to Europe to perform a musical tribute in honour of Bix Beiderbecke’s 90th birthday. Hans and Sabine Nagel-Heyer were nice enough to include us in their concert series at the Musikhalle in Hamburg where we made a live recording (Nagel-Heyer CD 002). They also had the idea of bringing this band into the studio to record an album of jazz standards and they came up with a list of twelve tunes for us to do. (Randy Sandke) Mit Randy Sandke (tp, leader), Dan Barrett (t... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01663662

Polcer, Ed / Allstars - A Salute To Eddie Condon

Mit Ed Polcer, Bob Havens, Allan Vache, John Barnes, Johnny Varro, Jim Douglas, Bob Haggart, Butch Miles. 12 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01663939 (2 CD-Set)

Yamaha International Allstar Band, The - Happy Birthday Jazz Welle Plus

Mit Randy Sandke, Harry Allen, Danny Moss, Antti Sarpila, Jerry Tilitz, Brian Dee, Len Skeat, Oliver Jackson, Jeanie Lambe. 12 Titel.
Preis: 24,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01664216

Sandke, Randy - All The Cats Join In

Mit Randy Sandke, Harry Allen, Danny Moss, Antti Sarpila, Jerry Tilitz, Brian Dee, Len Skeat, Oliver Jackson. 13 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01664493

Allen, Harry / Quintet - A Night At Birdland Vol. 1

Mit Harry Allen, Randy Sandke, Brian Dee, Len Skeat, Oliver Jackson. 9 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01664770

George Masso Allstars / New York Allstars / Ed Polcer Allstars - One, Two, Three - Jazz Live At The Musikhalle The First Three Concerts (1992-1993) etc.

Mit George Masso Allstars, New York Allstars, Ed Polcer Allstars.
12 Titel.
Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht lieferbar!
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01665047

European Jazz Giants, The - Jazz Party with Peter “Banjo” Meyer

Mit Oscar Klein (tp, cl, harm), Antti Sarpila (cl, ss), Jesper Thilo (ts, voc), Roy Williams (tb, voc), Henri Chaix (p), Peter “Banjo” Meyer (bj, voc), Vic Pitt (b), Charly Antolini (dr).
13 Titel. Recorded live at the Musikhalle Hamburg, March 29, 1994.
Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht lieferbar!
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01665324

Allen, Harry / Quintet - A Night At Birdland Vol. 2

Mit Harry Allen, Randy Sandke, Brian Dee, Len Skeat, Oliver Jackson. 11 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01665601

Allen, Harry / Quartet - The King

Mit Harry Allen (tenor sax.), John Bunch (piano), Dennis Irwin (bass), Duffy Jackson (drums). 10 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01665878

Vaché, Warren / Quintet - Recorded Live In Hamburg! Special Guest Allan Vaché!

Mit Warren Vaché, Brian Lemon, Dave Cliff, Dave Green, Allan Ganley. Special Guest: Allan Vache. 10 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01666155

Vaché, Allan / Swingtet - The Allan Vaché Swingtet With Special Guest Warren Vache

Mit Allan Vaché, Johnny Varro, Jim Douglas, Frank Tate, Mike Masessa. Special Guest: Warren Vache. 12 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01666432

Masso, George / Quintet - Trombone Artistry (Jazz im Amerika Haus - Volume 4)

Mit George Masso, Ken Peplowski, Brian Dee, Len Skeat, Jake Hanna. (10 Titel).
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01666709

Wilber, Bob / D avern, Kenny - Summit Reunion (Jazz Im Amerika Haus Volume 5)

Mit Bob Wilber, Kenny Davern, Dave Cliff, Dave Green, Bobby Worth. 9 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01666986

Allen, Rex / Swing Express - Keep Swingin'

Mit Rex Allen, Dan Barrett, Harry Allen, Jim Rothermel, Mark Shane, Bucky Pizzarelli, Frank Tate, Gregor Beck, Terrie Richards. 12 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01667263

Moss, Danny / Quartet - Weaver Of Dreams

Mit Danny Moss (ts), Brian Lemon (p), Len Skeat (b), Butch Miles (dr). 12 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01667540

Buck Clayton Legacy, The - Encore Live - All The Cats Join In Volume 2

Mit Randy Sandke, Harry Allen, Danny Moss, Scott Robinson, Antti Sarpila, Jerry Tilitz, Brian Dee, Len Skeat, Butch Miles. 11 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01667817

Lambe, Jeanie / And The Danny Moss Quartet - Three Great Concerts - Live In Hamburg 1993-1995

Mit Jeanie Lambe (voc), Danny Moss (ts), Tom Saunders (tp), Bill Allred (tb), Chuck Hedges (cl), Brian Dee (p), Brian Lemon (p), Johnny Varro (p), Len Skeat (b), Isla Eckinger (b), Oliver Jackson (dr), Butch Miles (dr). 19 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01668094

Miles, Butch / And Friends - Cookin'

Mit Butch Miles, Randy Sandke, Harry Allen, Howard Alden, Frank Tate, Terrie Richards, Dave Ratajczak. 13 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01668648

Klein, Oscar / Anniversary Band - Moonglow

Mit Oscar Klein (tp, cl), Werner Keller (cl), Willy Meerwald (tb, bat-h), Engelbert Wrobel (ts, cl), Romano Mussolini (p), Lino Patruno (g), Bob van Oven (b), Charly Antolini (dr).
10 Tracks. Live Recording – Amerika Haus Hamburg.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01670310

Saunders, Tom / Wild Bill Davison Band & Guests - Exactly Like You

Mit Tom Saunders, Dick Sudhalter, Bill Allred, Roy Williams, Chuck Hedges, Danny Moss, John Barnes, Johnny Varro, Marty Grosz, Isla Eckinger, Butch Miles, Jeanie Lambe. 13 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01670587

Allred, Bill / Williams, Roy - Absolutely

Mit Roy Williams, Bill Allred, Johnny Varro, Isla Eckinger, Butch Miles. 14 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01670864

Peplowski, Ken / With Friends - The International Allstars Play Benny Goodman, Volume 1

Mit Ken Peplowski, Lars Erstrand, Howard Alden, Mark Shane, Len Skeat, Joe Ascione, Dave Ratajczak plus Antti Sarpila and Allan Vache. 11 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01671141

Vaché, Allan / Sarpila, Antti - Swing Is Here

Mit Allan Vache, Antti Sarpila, Mark Shane, Len Skeat, Joe Ascione.
14 Titel.
Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht lieferbar!
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01671418

Vaché, Allan / Sarpila, Antti / Peplowski, Ken - Summit Meeting

Mit Allan Vache, Antti Sarpila, Ken Peplowski, Mark Shane, Len Skeat, Joe Ascione. 14 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01671695

Wilber, Bob / Bechet Legacy - The Hamburg Concert

Mit Bob Wilber, Randy Sandke, Mark Shane, Dave Cliff, Dave Green, Butch Miles, Pug Horton. 16 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01671972

New York Allstars, The - We Love You, Louis! (The New York Allstars Play The Music Of Louis Armstrong)

Mit Randy Sandke, Byron Stripling, Kenny Davern, Joel Helleny, David Ostwald, Mark Shane, Greg Cohen, Joe Ascione. 18 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01672249

Buck Clayton Swing Band, The - Buck Clayton Live (From Greenwich Village, NYC)

Mit John Eckert, Jordan Sandke, Byron Stripling, Warren Vache, Matt Finders, Bobby Pring, Harvey Tibbs, Jerry Dodgion, Doug Lawrence, Frank Wess, Scott Robinson, Joe Temperley, James Chirillo, Dick Katz, Lynn Seaton, Dennis Mackrel. 12 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01714630

Richards Alden, Terrie / Alden, Howard - Love

Love is the thing. That's one of the album's song titles. And that's the album's philosophy. Here we have a very special couple that is showing the world what is really important for them: music and love. This CD is for the lover in all of us. The perfect music for a perfect sunset. Featuring Terrie Richards Alden, Howard Alden. 13 Tracks.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01714907

Swingcats, The - Face To Face

Happy Anniversary! Let's celebrate 10 years Swingcats! After 10 years on the road and several highly successful studio recordings, this is the first live album of this tremendously swinging band. With Tom Baker and Shaunette Hildabrand! Featuring Frank Roberscheuten, Dirk Van der Linden, Karel Algoed, Onno de Bruyn, Tom Baker, Shaunette Hildabrand. 14 Tracks.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01715184

Cramer, Dylan - All Night Long

“The mood is mellow but the horn isn't. As the chords float in sweetly, Dylan Cramer moves strong: the tone is creamy and the confidence abundant. It's a full-throated approach we haven't heard in a while; that's expected, as he was taught by Sonny Criss. The elegant blends well with the forceful - it tickles your ears and makes you take notice. And that makes for a memorable night.« Jazz Improv by John Barrett Jr. »Cramer's tone is sweet, as in Hershey's Kisses: perhaps the best comparison migh... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01715461

Vache, Allan / Allen, Harry - Allan And Allen

Great musicians. Great compositions. Great sound quality. Allan Vaché is surely one of today's best clarinet players. Hurrah for Harry Allen, a throwback to a more gentle era of jazz. Classic jazz doesn't get much better than this. An absolute must get for fans of swingin' mainstream jazz. "We had a great time recording this CD. And I feel it's the best record I've ever made..." Allan Vaché.
Featuring Allan Vache (cl), Harry Allen (ts), Eddie Higgins (p), Phil Flanigan (b), Eddie Metz (dr).... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01715738

The Danny Moss Quartet plus Roy Williams - Steampower!

Never change a winning team! The follow-up to the No. 1 Record of the Year 1999 'Steamers!' (Critics Choice, Jazz Journal International). You surely will enjoy this nice swinging affair like the reviewers enjoyed the predecessor: Jazz Rag (UK) July / August 2000: If you like Mainstream Jazz played by superb soloists backed by a tight swinging rhythm section then you can do no better than go out and get this disc. By any standards Moss and Willams are world-class...L (John Martin). Featuring ... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01716015

Christopher, Evan / Davis, Spanky / Gordon, Wycliffe / Lesberg, Jack / Shane, Mark / Williams, Jackie - The Sidney Bechet Society Jam Session Concert

“My goal is to maintain the integrity of early jazz styles, its structure, but move forward so that it's speaking to an audience of today instead of being something bottled and preserved.” (Evan Christopher) “The high technical quality of this recording and the creative music, featuring compositions by Sidney Bechet and songs he recorded, is intended to serve the memory of the great Wizard and afford joy to the listener. Vive Bechet!” (Eric D. Offner, President of the Sidney Bechet Society) Ev... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01716292

New York Allstars, The - Stompin' At The Savoy!!

This is the happiest music imaginable. I dare you not to tap your toe! If you're one of the trad jazz troops, this one's got it all: A true master worth saluting, great musicians, a warm, gracious and knowledgeable MC (Sandke), a wonderful concert hall, an appreciative audience, and good recording quality. Highly recommended! Featuring Randy Sandke (tr), Roy Williams (tb), Antti Sarpila (cl, ts), Lars Erstrand (vib), James Chirillo (g), Thilo Wagner (p), Dave Green (b), Eddie Metz (dr). 8 Trac... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01716569

Wagner, Thilo / Mörike, Wolfgang / Beck, Gregor - Finally!

Three talented musicians have joined together here, who have discovered a common passion during their collaboration with their very different bands, namely their passion for swinging mainstream music with a line-up of piano, bass and drums, totally in the tradition of Oscar Peterson and Wynton Kelly. In addition to blind understanding of each other, the trio is distinguished by imaginative playing, dynamics, drive and breath-taking virtuosity. Featuring Thilo Wagner (p), Wolfgang Mörike (b), Gr... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01716846

Holst, André - That`s Swing!

André Holst with Chris Dean’s European Swing Orchestra and special guest Mary Roos The multifaceted entertainer André Holst reports back to the international music stage and proves to be better than ever. ‘That’s Swing!’ is pure swing everybody will enjoy. The album is rounded off by guests such as Mary Roos, Chris Dean and the drummer legend Ronnie Verrell, who has played with Judy Garland, Sammy Davis Jr., Tom Jones and Frank Sinatra. 10 Tracks. Recorded in London and Surrey March 30 to Apri... mehr
Preis: 13,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01717677

Tate, Buddy - Tate Live (With The Torsten Zwingenberger Swingtet)

Tenor saxophonist Buddy Tate was born George Holmes Tate on February 22, 1915. He grew up in Texas and later came to be known as one of the great "Texas Tenors" with Illinois Jacquet and Arnett Cobb. In 1939 he was invited by Count Basie to replace Evans, who had died suddenly. "I dreamed he had died", Tate told writer Stanley Dance later, "and that Basie was going to call me. It happened within a week or two: I still have the telegram". Buddy stayed with Basie for nine happy years. After Basie... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01717954

Coulber, Dunstan / Quartet - Standards For A New Century

Featuring Dunstan Coulber (cl), John Pearce (p). Nik Preston (b), Steve Brown (dr). This is the second release of clarinetist Dunstan Coulber. Cool swinging jazz standards played by a “ … fine swing-to-bop clarinetist.” (Jazz UK). A year ago, he won the Perrier Young Musician 2000 awardand he and his band have quickly become well established on the UK jazz scene. “I'm very impressed.” (Humphrey Lyttleton) “...the next king of swing?” (Jack Massarik, Evening Standard). 13 Tracks.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01668925

Barrett, Dan / Wrobel, Engelbert / Hopkins, Chris - Harlem 2000

These monster players swing like crazy with great technique and tone, and obviously enjoy playing together. This is a wonderful reminder of how Harlem swung some years ago – but with today’s sound quality, of course. "Dan Barrett is one of the delights here, a melodist, a colorist who knows how to use a plunger mute with taste and, in total, a player Duke Ellington would have loved." (New York Times) “When it comes to Harlem-style jazz playing of an earlier, less complicated era, this is as go... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01718231

Edison, Harry ”Sweets” - There Will Never Be Another You

The sound of Harry "Sweets" Edison's trumpet was, after that of Louis Armstrong, perhaps the most instantly identifiable signature in jazz. It could be recognized after just one note. Edison could play a note, bend it and place it with such impeccable timing that he was never successfully copied. He swung powerfully with a sparse and repetitive simplicity. Many millions of people are familiar with Edison's playing without identifying it, for his muted trumpet comments and punctuation of Frank S... mehr
Preis: 22,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01718508

Bob Crosby Bob Cats, The - Going Places, Doing Things

"Using a dreamboat, a taxi, and a train named Smokey Mary, the Bob Cats dig into a set of tunes originally recorded by either the Bob Crosby Orchestra or the Bob Cats between 1936 and 1942. This collection, while not comprised of the best-known works of the band (they can be found in an earlier recording), captures the flavor and the energy that the original Bob Cats displayed so well. For the devotees of the Crosby sound, this recording should conger up some great memories, as the tune selectio... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01718785

Gottshall, Dan / Kaul, Miriam - Christmas Time Is Here

Featuring Dan Gottshall (voc, tb), Miriam Kaul (saxes, fl) with Tim Murphy (p), Rolf Zielke (p), Geoff Harper (b), Darryl Taylor (b), Bernd Kuchenbecker (b), Tom Williams (dr), Kenny Martin (dr), Delores King Williams (voc), Tanja Siebert (voc), Thomas Loup (voc).
Recorded at Gizmo Studios, Silver Spring and Live at the A-Trane Jazz Club, Berlin.
1. Winter wonderland (4:26)
2. Santa Claus is hangin' round (5:57)
3. I'll be home for Christmas (4:52) mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01653690

Sutton, Ralph / And Friends - Live (The Music of Fats Waller - Volume 2)

Ralph ‘Earl’ Sutton is an outstanding pianist in the great tradition of Harlem stride giants James P. Johnson and Fats Waller. “Ralph Sutton is without a doubt the greatest exponent today of the two hands and ten fingers style of jazz piano playing ... undoubtedly one of the best pianists in jazz today ... he swings ... tremendous personal beat and drive ... Andre Previn once referred to Sutton as one of the few jazz pianists who had complete mastery of his instrument. Sutton plays with both ha... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01719062

Swingcats, The - Get Happy!

Featuring Frank Roberscheuten (ldr, cl, saxes), Dirk Van Der Linden (p), Karel Algoed (b), Moritz Gastreich (dr), Shaunette Hildabrand (voc). 17 Tracks. Recorded in Hamburg on March 9, 2003
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01719339

Vaché, Allan / Big Four - Strike Two!

Featuring Allan Vaché (ldr, cl), David Jones (co), Bob Leary g / Phil Flanigan (b). 15 Tracks. Recorded in Florida on July 18 and 19, 1999.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01719616

Miles, Butch - Straight On Till Morning

Butch Miles (dr), Bob Ojeda (tp), Bill Porter (tb), Doug Lawrence (ts), Kenny Drew Jr. (p), Lynn Seaton (b) plus Frank Wess (ts, fl), Alex Saudargas (g). 11 Tracks. Recorded at Pedernales Studio, Texas, on January 3 and 4, 2003
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01719893

Cramer, Dylan - Bumpin` On Sunset

Dylan Cramer (as), Ron Johnston (p, synth), Rene Worst (b), John Nolan (dr). 11 Tracks. Recorded at Blue Wave Productions, Vancouver on December 9 and 10, 2002. Vancouver saxophonist Dylan Cramer takes a handful of jazz standards plus some 'film classics' and breathes new life into them. This recording features a collection of warm romantic melodies, fiery swing beats, and blues-drenched ballads. Dylan's phrasing is melodic, overlaying his style onto the pieces without losing the songs famous ... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01720170

York, Pete / Jazz All Stars - Live & Swinging

Featuring Pete York (dr, voc), Roy Williams (tb), Alan Barnes (ts, as, cl), Wolfgang Dalheimer (keyb), Harvey Weston (b) plus Rick Keller (ts, fl (on #10).). Tracks 01-09 recorded at the Kulturwerkstatt, Hamm on January 17, 1998 Track 10 recorded at the Alte Maelzerei, Regensburg on January 30, 1996.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01720447

Partridge, Sarah - Blame It On My Youth

"Great songs deserve a great voice. These are great songs, and Sarah Partridge owns a great voice. Her enthusiasm for the material brings new life to some old classics. Sarah writes that, as far as her musical influences go, we can "Blame it on her youth", and the music that was playing in her house when she was growing up. If that's true, then all I can say is: 'Thank goodness for her parents' record collection!' And thank goodness for Sarah Partridge. They don't write them like this anymore,... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01720724

Coulber, Dunstan / Quartet - I’ll Be Around

Dunstan Coulber deserves great credit for showing that jazz from pre-Coltrane eras can still provide fertile soil for the development of a personal style. I’ll Be Around is an album which is really lovely to listen to, throughout, and who needs more than that? Clarinettist and tenor saxophonist, Dunstan Coulber first came to the attention of the general public when he won the Perrier Young Jazz Musician of the Year Award in April 2000. Since then he has featured each year in the nominations fo... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01691085

Sutton, Ralph - It’s So Nice It Must Be Illegal!

One magic moment. In a French small town that hardly some one knows. With two musicians who haven’t played together before. That’s not possible? It is possible! But it doesn’t happen often… “The best Sutton I've ever heard...!'” (Manfred Selchow, Jazz Author) »You know, these scenes never happen every day...« By those words, Ralph Sutton – obviously happy and moved – evoked what was happening during that late afternoon concert on Sunday, November 27, 1988. Ralph Sutton (p), Michael Silva (d).... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01721001

Murrell, Christopher / Irving III, Robert - Full Circle - Gospels & Spirituals

Live At The Amerikahaus Hamburg. 12 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01721278

Various Artists - The First Sampler - Swinging Jazz High-lights

Featuring George Masso, Kenny Davern, Randy Sandke, Dan Barrett, Harry Allen, Danny Moss, Warren Vache, Allan Vache, Bob Wilber and many others.
The best of Nagel-Heyer CDs 001-015 recorded Hamburg.
13 Titel.
Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht lieferbar!
Preis: 10,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01721555

Various Artists - The Second Sampler - Swinging Jazz High-lights

Swinging Jazz High-lights (In Ultimative Hi-Fi Sound Quality).
The best of Nagel-Heyer CDs 016-029.
14 Tracks.
Dieser Artikel ist zur Zeit nicht lieferbar!
Preis: 10,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01721832

Harrington, Jan / & Friends - I Feel The Spirit

A Gospel Concert At The Hanse-Merkur Auditorium. Mit Jan Harrington, Linda Fields, Werner Gurtler, Jan Luley, Gerald Bartels, Harold Smith. 14 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01722109

Various Artists - Christmas Jazz! (Swinging Tunes For The Holidays!)

Swinging Tunes For The Holidays!
Featuring Harry Allen, Jay McShann, Jim Galloway, Milt Hinton, Gus Johnson, Mark Shane, Ralph Sutton and many more!
1 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
2 The Christmas Song
3 Hark! The Herald Angel Sing
4 Winter Wonderland
5 Christmas In New Orleans
6 Good King Wencelas
7 Oh Christmas Tree
8 Auld Lang Syne
9 Silent Night
10. Sleigh Ride
11. Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer
... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01722386

Various Artists - Ellington For Lovers (The Duke's Most Romantic Songs)

This is for the lover in you! The Duke’s most romantic songs played by Randy Sandke, Howard Alden, Allan Vaché, Harry Allen, Warren Vaché, Danny Moss, Wycliffe Gordon, Roy Williams and many others. 12 Titel.
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01722663

Stripling, Byron / And Friends - If I Could Be With You

Byron Stripling And Friends Play Louis Armstrong. The right stuff for all fans of Byron Stripling - and of course all fans of Louis Armstrong. This is a terrific live recording with musicians that share a deep love for Satchmo. The result is great traditional jazz played in a modern mainstream way. Pops would have loved it!!! “… possibly the best performance of Armstrong’s music you are likely to hear outside of the great man himself.” Coda. “Top 10 List Of Jazz Releases For 2000” All About J... mehr
Preis: 15,90 EUR    

Nagel Heyer BSIN01690808 (Hybrid SACD)

Various Artists - Tomorrow's jazz classics 2005

This Nagel Heyer Records 2005 compilation is a SACD in 5.1 surround sound. Enjoy Nagel Heyer music in a sound quality never heard before. Contains more than 78 minutes of outstanding jazz music with greats like Marc Copland and Greg Osby, Donald Harrison, Claudio Roditi, Wycliffe Gordon, Brian Lynch and Miguel Zenon, Ken Peplowski, Paradigm Shift and many, many others.
Preis: 11,90 EUR    

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