Nagel Heyer BSIN01715184

Cramer, Dylan - All Night Long

“The mood is mellow but the horn isn't. As the chords float in sweetly, Dylan Cramer moves strong: the tone is creamy and the confidence abundant. It's a full-throated approach we haven't heard in a while; that's expected, as he was taught by Sonny Criss. The elegant blends well with the forceful - it tickles your ears and makes you take notice. And that makes for a memorable night.« Jazz Improv by John Barrett Jr. »Cramer's tone is sweet, as in Hershey's Kisses: perhaps the best comparison might be Stan Getz translated to alto sax.” (Cadence by Steven A. Loewy) Featuring Dylan Cramer (as), Ron Johnston (p), Steve Holy (b), John Nolan (dr) 10 Tracks.
Price: 15,90 EUR