Nagel Heyer BSIN01716015

Christopher, Evan / Davis, Spanky / Gordon, Wycliffe / Lesberg, Jack / Shane, Mark / Williams, Jackie - The Sidney Bechet Society Jam Session Concert

“My goal is to maintain the integrity of early jazz styles, its structure, but move forward so that it's speaking to an audience of today instead of being something bottled and preserved.” (Evan Christopher) “The high technical quality of this recording and the creative music, featuring compositions by Sidney Bechet and songs he recorded, is intended to serve the memory of the great Wizard and afford joy to the listener. Vive Bechet!” (Eric D. Offner, President of the Sidney Bechet Society) Evan Christopher (cl), Spanky Davis (tr), Wycliffe Gordon (tb), Jack Lesberg (b), Mark Shane, Jackie Williams (dr). 10 Tracks.
Price: 15,90 EUR