Nagel Heyer BSIN01668925

Barrett, Dan / Wrobel, Engelbert / Hopkins, Chris - Harlem 2000

These monster players swing like crazy with great technique and tone, and obviously enjoy playing together. This is a wonderful reminder of how Harlem swung some years ago – but with today’s sound quality, of course. "Dan Barrett is one of the delights here, a melodist, a colorist who knows how to use a plunger mute with taste and, in total, a player Duke Ellington would have loved." (New York Times) “When it comes to Harlem-style jazz playing of an earlier, less complicated era, this is as good as it gets … plainly, a good time was had by all…” (Jazz Podium) Featuring Dan Barrett (co, tb, voc), Engelbert Wrobel (cl, ts), John ‘Butch’ Smith (as, ss, voc), Chris Hopkins (p), Christian Ramond (b), Oliver Mewes (dr). 15 Tracks. Recorded on November 12, 13 and 14, 2000 in Hamburg.
Price: 15,90 EUR