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Brambus Records

Bock's Music Shop freut sich mit Brambus Records eine umfangreiche Produktauswahl aus den Bereichen Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock, Country und Klassik anbieten zu können.

Hier finden Sie demnächst das Gesamtrepertoire des vielseitigen Schweizer CD-Labels.

Diese Liste wird laufend erweitert!



Brambus BSIN02727342

Troja - Island Sceneries

Troja - Island Sceneries
Peter Zihlmann (p), Patrick Sommer (b), Tobias Friedli (dr)
The band Troja was initiated by the Pianist Peter Zihlmann in 2003. From the very beginning it was of high importance to this trio to develop an unique band sound and to bring out many different facets of the „traditional“ instruments Piano, Bass and Drums. The songs – all originals by the band leader – are thus of a great diversity. They leave room for high energy passages as well almost chamber music... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02727896

Kapsamun - Mania Ballkanike

Kapsamun - Mania Ballkanike
We are pleased to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the group „Kapsamun“ with their second release for the brambus jazz family and their third cd in total.
The repertoire of „Kapsamun“ is based on traditional Albanian folk dances from Kosova. The musical homesickness of the former kosovarian saxplayer Arsim Leka – who lives now in Switzerland – the musical wanderlust of his Swiss musicians are the fundamentals of the creative energy of this band.
„Kapsa... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02539259

SolarMariel - Armando's Dance

New at the Brambus-Roster: SolarMariel, Latin-Jazz SolarMariel was founded by latin flute virtuoso Peter Michel in autumn 2001. The quintet’s repertoire is based on modern Latin Jazz with Afro-Cuban and Brasilian influences. SolarMariel have developed a fascinating identity, which makes the group a cultural enrichment to a small country like Switzerland. As such, SolarMariel can compete with other well-known Latin Jazz bands.

“Armando’s Dance” is the band’s first major CD-release. Dir... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02575269

Clamür - Ferm Tubac

Clamür – Ferm tubac
Clau Maissen (sax.), Christian Müller (p.), Lucas Schwarz (b), Andriu Maissen (dr.)
Once again brambus proves their reputation as well established talent scouts and signs a young and dynamic jazz group from the country side of Graubunden and here is their debut CD „Ferm Tubac“ (strong stuff). The expression “Ferm Tubac” is in the Romanish language and is a pretty known saying, which was made up by a story of a hunter who met the devil and gave him a special introduc... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02637317

Meisel, Kevin / And The Ragged Glories - Cruising For Paradise

Kevin Meisel And The Ragged Glories – Cruising for Paradise
1. Rustbelt Girl
2. If You’re Going Out With Her
3. Jealous Kind
4. Lighter Shade Of Gray
5. Last Goodbye
6. Neon Valentine
7. Tijuana Line
8. Misguided Love
9. St. Augustine
10. I’ve Got A Line On You
11. Vagabond Dreams
12. Cruising For Paradise
Released 2007.
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02637594

Anest, Alex And Naomi - Angel In Waiting

Alex and Naomi Anest – Angel in Waiting
“Angel in Waiting” is the debut record from Brambus recording artists Alex and Naomi Anest.
The album represents the best of Alex’s songwriting from 2001-2006. Many of the songs were gathering dust until Alex realized that Naomi’s pure, slightly melancholy voice was the perfect compliment to his dark, honest lyrics and melodic simplicity. The aesthetic goal of the record was to present the material in a relatively straightforward, “live” manner,... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02538982

Aion Quintett - Tales of in-between

Brambus Records is proud to present you the AION QUINTETT and their new album "Tales Of In-Between", which bandleader Christian Berger is introducing with his own words as following:
Tales of In Between
Musical tales from Orient and Occident.
Should we classify this music now as World music or simply Jazz or even classical music? The question of category becomes important, when events and concerts are being promoted, programs printed and launched in the press. Being confronted wit... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02538705

3 Voices And A Bass - Safari

The Brambus-Jazz-Family was so far dominated by great instrumentalists.
To show that the voice is an important jazz instrument too, we present it here in tripple version with a great ensemble named 3 VOICES & A BASS.
The group unites three great and well-experienced voices and an outstanding bass. The members of the band have a long history in music allready and can be found on many releases, not only with brambus. Bassplayer Bänz Oester is one of the most wanted genius in the Swiss ... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02563358

City West Quartet - Chatterbox

Another exiting jazz-release with a Swiss band for wich we'd like to quote lines of the journalist Fred Wirtz ("Der Bund"): "The City West Quartet presents in a rather unusual lineup music wich is near to hardbop but also makes you feel various influences wich go as far as funk and latinjazz."
7 Tracks.
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02563635

City West Quartet - New York Edition

The second release on Brambus presents real and authentic jazz in best tradition, recorded in New York City with american guests such as bassplayer Ron McClure und with Tim Hagans on trumpet and flugelhorn.
9 Tracks.
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02563912

Haesler, Rolf / Quartet - Walking Three

This is the first appearance of ROLF HÄSLER with his own quartet on brambus records – after he did two excellent productions with the CITY WEST QUARTET a couple years back. Both are still available at brambus!
The ROLF HÄSLER QUARTET brings mighty swinging jazz in best hardbop tradition; very suitable self penned compositions and some fine arranged standards meet on the highest level, including influences of blues, funk and latin as well as some lyrical and melodic pieces, which unite on th... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02575546

Kopf, Herbie / Nonet - U.F.O. - Universal Fake Orchestra

We have released several albums with the established Swiss jazz bass player Herbie Kopf over the last ten years – and we are very proud to present you herewith his newest project!

Archaeopteryx, Icarus, Zeppelin and Swissair: none survived their final descent. But it's different with U.F.O. - Herbie Kopf Nonet! Conceived of as neither a mayfly nor a fixed star, the vehicle of down-to-earth bassist, and heavenly composer, Herbie Kopf has taken off and landed for the last two years, alw... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02576654

Stoller, Nadja / Group - Short Stories

After her successful debut album "Once Upon A Summertime" (with Colin Vallon on piano and Thomas Duerst on Contrabass, 2002 Brambus records), comes the Bernese singer's long awaited second album. In the new repertoire, Nadja Stoller lets her experienced jazz knowledge merge with her early sources of inspiration from the Pop genre (unique songwriters such as Rickie Lee Jones or Joni Mitchell being first on her list). With this combination, she creates ... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02576931

Von Wattenwyl, Stewy / Perrin, Nick - I Got A Right To Sing The Blues

If it is said that the piano or the guitar can take over the role of an orchestra, meant is that they are endlessly multilateral instruments which – in correspondingly expert operation – are not only melodic and harmonic but above all also percussive.
Stewy von Wattenwyl and Nick Perrin are two extremely skilled representatives of their instrumental art who are familiar with the expressional possibilities of their instruments! This potential however is magnified by the dialogue between two ... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02574992

Fischer, Erich / Quintet - Lydia

With the CD “Lydia” vibraphonist, percussionist, composer and bandleader Erik Fisher has fulfilled a long-held wish: to present his musical life’s work in the field of jazz on a single CD.
The recording surprises and inspires both by the playing and the overall atmosphere. The “Erich Fischer Quintet” give of their very best in this recording in the Radio-studio in Zürich, playing with sensitivity, dynamism and joie de vivre. Andy Neresheimer has taken great pains with the recording, mixing ... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02577208

Mathias Kielholz Sunny Strings - Opening

Mathias Kielholz Sunny Strings: Power World Jazz
Franz Schubert meets Afro-Jazz – this headline out of concert review meets exactly the direction of the newest project of the well known Swiss guitar maestro Mathias Kielholz, whose musical history can be followed widely within Switzerland, going from ethno-folk as the group „Echo“ to modern and free jazz with earlier groups as „Kieloor Entartet“ or „Martin Schlumpf’s Bermuda Viereck“ – and as with earlier projects, Mathias Kielholz has grou... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02577485

Koch, Mark / Trio - Red, Blue And Green

Ambient Groove Jazz
Pianist Mark Koch has been taking part in the Swiss jazz scene for almost thirty years with side-trips to fusion and latin music. In 2004 a big wish came true: he founded the Mark Koch trio together with Peter Fischer (drums) and Samuel Joss (bass). Their first CD "Red, Blue and Green" which will appear at the beginning of May 2006 on the renown Swiss jazz label Brambus Records (Brambus 200612-2), will prove that three full-blooded musicians have met here.
The trio ... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02577762

Tajada - A una linda senorita

A very fine side production of some artists, who are part of the brambus family since several productions. The group “Tajada” presents their first production CD “A Una Linda Senorita” !
The three musicians David Brito (Venezuela) standup bass, Markus Moser (CH) acoustic guitar and Martin Ries (CH) percussion und drums formed the group in 2005. The self penned composition can easy fill in between world-music, latin and jazz, the main influences come from southern American and European music.... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02575823

Frei, Peter - Three Trios

Wäre es nach Peter Frei gegangen, gäbe es dieses Album nicht. Für Frei ist Bescheidenheit eine Zierde, sein Talent betrachtet er als Geschenk. Frei über Frei: «Während den Konzerten wache ich auf. Davor und danach bin ich sehr ruhig.»
Obwohl er seit über drei Jahrzehnten zu den herausragenden Kontra-bassisten des europäischen Jazz zählt, hat Peter Frei nie das Bedürfnis verspürt, ein Album unter eigenem Namen einzuspielen. Dass es jetzt doch dazu gekommen ist, verdanken wir der Initiative d... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02576377

Cueni, Eliane / Trio - Canavaa

Eliane Cueni’s trio line up selects with preference very beautiful melodies. But these melodies are not only interpreted, much more the relative harmonic constructions functions as ground for the collective improvisation and becomes an enlargement of the songs. This happens with a lot of pleasure, a wide rhythmical elegance and interaction, but also with spontaneity and creativity. The trio is well experienced over several years of playing together and this trust is deeply noticeable and the dif... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02576100

LSD-3 - Endless Journey

LSD-3 - Leslie, Saxophon und Drums. 3 stands for the most basic "odd" number in musical terms, be it an interval or a polyrhythmic overlay, something masterfully implemented by LSD-3. 3 is also the number of musicians in the band, the number of additional keyboards and live effects which they skillfully use.

The switch from guitar to saxophone is somewhat uncommon for a jazz organ trio but not unheard of. What sets LSD-3 apart from similar bands is their use of alternative sound sourc... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02578039

Oua.ch - Sour Milk Musik

The young trio „OUA.CH“ presents with „Sour Milk Musik“ allready their third selfproduced CD and their second work for brambus.
The trio – founded in 2003 – shows on this new CD a very well mixture of self penned compositions and spontaneously created improvisations.
Several oriental influences cannot be overheard, mainly when guitar maestro Markus Moser uses his electric sitar. The often minimalistic and surprising played phrases creative an unbelievable tension and leave enough space... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02573607

Steffen-Althaus Quartet - In Between

This is the second Brambus release by the Bruno Steffen/Heiner Althaus Quartet. "In Between" rates as another jazz masterpiece by this Swiss-based four piece aggregation.
1. India
2. Mediterranean
3. Tangents
4. Pulse
5. Relaxin' In Between
6. Butterfly
7. Short Voyage
8. Mys Chindli, Chum Weidli
9. Crazy Age
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02573330

Steffen-Althaus Quartet - City Of Glass

The Steffen/Althaus Quartet unites four of Switzerland's best known jazz musicians for the first time on CD. Fifties bop, modern jazz and free form jazz mix with ease.
1. Cho-La, Si-La, Go-La
2. Transatlantis Express
3. October Ballad
4. Vril
5. Pacific
6. Rain and Sun
7. Summer City
8. The Call
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02578316

Motek - Urban

Even if the brambus roster with jazz is pretty filled allready, we are still open fort he special and outstanding productions and are very pleased to present you herewith the first cd of the group MOTEK, which can be filed under Nu- Jazz.
The quartet of the trumpet player Kurt Söldi with Andreas Schmid (drums), Alain von Ritter (piano/synth.), Jean-Pierre Dix (bass) does experiments with influences of various musical clichés: improvisation, interplay and dynamic of jazz, grooves from hip-ho... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02728727

Althaus Schonhaus Express - Oriental Village

Althaus Schonhaus Express - Oriental Village
Since 1992, the "Althaus Schonhaus Express" is on the road with Heiner Althaus and Sascha Schonhaus playing the saxophones, Hans Feigenwinter on the piano, Banz Oester a the bass and Norbert Pfammatter on drums. "First Station" was the title of their 1994 recording debut and the new album is their first album for Brambus and the first release for Brambus of 1999, "Oriental Village."
From the beginning the quintet combined in a powerful and c... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02729004

Baldes, Jochen - Niniland

Jochen Baldes – Niniland
Jochen Baldes ist part of the heart of the Swiss jazz-scene of the new millenium.
His tenorsaxophon has been heard on several recordings and with numberous groups before: Pirelli And The Pancakes, Swiss Big Band Eruption, Jean Et Les Peugeots, Ohrewürm 3, with Andy Brugger, No No Diet Bang, Sandy Patton, Chris Wiesendanger, Stewy von Wattenwyl and many more.
With „Niniland“ he finally presents his own solo CD, a brilliantly grown piece with entirely selfpe... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02729281

Christina, Maja - Romance

Maja Christina - Romance
Another fine new member in the brambus family! Maja Christina knows to give melodies a soul with terseness and brilliant sovereignty. In her voice strength and vulnerability are not antipodes. Maybe this is the real reason why she is able to enthusiast her fans as well as critics the same way. Her melodious voice is modern even if she interprets classics of jazz and pop with the mysterious smile of her pure timbre.
In her first album “Romance” Maja Christina sh... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02728173

Various Artists - Strong Women Rule The World (A mostly acoustic collection of contemprary American female songwriters and their outstanding songs)

Various Artists - Strong Women Rule The World (A mostly acoustic collection of contemprary American female songwriters and their outstanding songs)
This sampler has been brought together by intense work: Brambus selected 15 of the best contemprary american female songwriters and selected the best song of each to present herewith a sampler full of creativity with one hour playtime.
1. J.J. Reneaux: Our Town
2. Kat Eggleston: Home
3. Kate McDonnell: Wishbone<... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

Brambus BSIN02728450

Various Artists - Pearls - Volume 1 (20 Songwriters)

Various Artists – Pearls - Volume 1 (20 Songwriters)
Our labelsampler is a jewel! 20 songs of 20 different singers and bands out of the wide variety of singer/songwriter and americana on brambus. The best of the best and something for every taste - and not at least, a fantastic recommendation to discover the full-length CDs of each individual artist!
1. Jim Hunter: When The Geese Fly Over
2. Brent Moyer: Truth, Trust, Dreams And Heart
3. One Fell Swoop: Goo... more
Price: 18,90 EUR    

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