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Juxoli - Juxoli (feat. Howard Johnson, Michel Barbier and Lajos Dudas

Since 1993, the music of Juxoli reflects the influences brought by the different musicians that have participated in this experience.
Sebastian Buchholz, founder of Juxoli, who also received a formation as a woodwindmaker, transformes his alto saxophone in a way to create various sound effects.
For example, in Vents sur Foret Oesenchante, he uses his saxophone like a Neyflute and in +Primitifs, he adds a valve and a slide in order to play a sixth lower.
The other two members of the trio, Ramon Lopez and Jack Djeyim, thanks to their very personal interpretation, render the music boundless. The Spanish percussionist, expresses himself through his tabla with complexity and freedom. The guitar player from Cameroon offers a traditional touch Bamilike (a tribe of the west of his country) with his sanza and his guitars.
The guests, Lajos Dudas, Hungarian clarinettist and Howard Johnson, Afro-american multiinstrumentalist, provide a musical maturity to the disc. The young French trombonist Michel Barbier, collaborated with the group since the start and has accepted to play on two themes.
9 Tracks. Recorded and mixed at Chauve-Souris Studio, Paris, France on November 26 and December 16, 1994.
Released 1995.
Price: 13,90 EUR