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Dudas, Lajos - Chamber Music Live

Composer: Lajos Dudas, Bela Bartok, Yidiz Ibrahimova

WDR-Jazzmeeting in Bonn
Clarinet player LAJOS DUDAS is one of the leading European representatives of his instrument in comtemporary jazz. As an artist who is always on the edge of Jazz and New Music he has played for more than thirty years on numerous radio productions.
The Turkish-Bulgarian singer YIDIZ IBRAHIMOVA impresses with her great range of voice. Her preference is dedicated to free improvisation in an environment that provides dense musical interaction with her partners.
Through his multicoloured improvisations saxophone player SEBASTIAN BUCHHOLZ creates the same excitement as Lajos Dudas. Chamber Music Live is the third CD collaboration of the two artists. Change Of Time (Rayna Records) and Juxoli (Pan non Jazz).
" ... the union of modern composed music and free improvisation is what the TRIO is aiming for. Eager to experiment and innovate that is the motto ‘Dudas/Buchholz/Ibrahimova are pursuing during their whole performance.
Playing the song melodies Dudas combines Folk lines with harsh dissonances and fast runs. Sometimes he is playing in unison with the saxophone and sometimes Buchholz fulfills the function of accompanying the clarinet by using long notes or improvising in the gaps. Next to highly elaborated and complicated arrangements they always focus again on down-to-earth and finger snapping swing. Although blessed with a voice range of four octaves, singer Ibrahimova not only emerges as a pure soloist. She also keeps the balance between the two horns, producing sounds and unpredictable interval jumps with her voice.
The fuison of melodic lines with pure sounds is the main point: Dudas comes up with an idea on his clarinet, Ibrahimova elaborates it with her voice and passes it on to Buchholz, who gives it back to Dudas. Everybody puts something new to it, pushing his/her partner to the best performance. Rough sound architecture next to soft melodic lines vibrate in the listener's ear ... "
(Martin Laurentius/Bonner Rundschau Translated by Philipp van Endert)
All compositions by Lajos Dudas, except Bela Bartok (7) & Yidiz Ibrahimova (8).
Lajos Dudas (clarinet, electronics), Yidiz Ibrahimova (vocal), Sebastian Buchholz (altosax, buch-horn)
12 Tracks. Recorded live at the “Kulturzentrum Brotfabrik”, Bonn, Germany.
Eine Aufnahme des Westdeutschen Rundfunks Köln 1990.
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