NRW BSIN02264198

Ziad / Sahmaoui / WDR Big Band - Jazz Al Arab

Jazz Al' Arab by Karim Ziad, Aziz Sahmaoui, Rhani Krija, Mehdi Askeur, together with the WDR Big Band Cologne, music arranged by Michael Gibbs.
To discover something comforting in the unfamiliar and add something yet unknown to the familiar has set the scene for a constructive and creative process and inspired a new form of music.
Out of mutual appreciation and respect for the personal style of each of them, these musicians have come together to present, through their powerful and expressive voices and rhythms, this new sound born out of cultural diversity. (Text: Kirsten Laroussi, translated by Dominic Muscat)
9 Tracks - total time: 75:04
2006 WDR the Cologne broadcasts.
Price: 22,90 EUR