Pannon Jazz BSIN02029579

Bohém Ragtime Jazzband - Early Hungarian Jazz

Jazz from ‘10s, ‘20s, ‘30s.
Old Jazz in Hungary – Jazz in Old Hungary.
According to the English title of the CD, the present recordings are destined to show us the presence of old jazz in old Hungary. However, these recordings bring to us Hungarians not only the old jazz but old Hungary, as well, just for one hour.
This record is the third Bohém CD published by the Hungarian Society for Jazz Research & Foundation for Jazz Education and Research in Hungary. (Tamás Ittzés, translated by Attila Márton)
1. Black Bottom River
2. Vamp Me
3. Knock-Out Drops
4. Blue Fox-Trot
5. Ragtime Violin!
6. How Do You Do Miss Ragtime?
7. Gyere Josephin!...
8. Pitter-Patter Rag
9. Grizzly Bear
10. Too Much Raspberry
11. That Mysterious Rag
12. Mississippi Cake Walk
13. Meine Molly! (Under The Bamboo Tree)
14. On The Mississippi
15. Ohio
16. My Gal Is A High-Born Lady
17. Charleston Dolly
18. Whistling Rufus
19. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Recorded at the HSB Studio, Dunakeszi, Hungary, 5 to 8 June 1997.
Price: 13,90 EUR