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Pauer, Fritz / Trio - City Blues - Live At The Jazzspelunke - Vol. 1

Fritz Pauer Trio – City Blues (Live at the Jazzspelunke Vienna)
Live-Mitschnitt vom 12. Dezember 1991 aus der Jazzspelunke in Wien.
Fritz Pauer wird begleitet vom Bassisten Johannes Strasser, dessen Virtuosität schon in den Formationen von Art Farmer und Junior Cook – Bill Hardman, Chet Baker oder Karl Ratzer zu hören war, und vom Schlagzeuger Christian Salfellner, der schon mit Jazzgrößen wie Joseph Bowie, Hannibal Marvin Peterson und Warren Vaché gespielt hatte.
Alle 6 Kompositionen stammen von Fritz Pauer.
1. City Blues (5:32)
2. Spelunke (8:58)
3. Modulation (7:06)
4. Lejos (Far Away) (9:22)
5. Juaneco (13:10)
6. Cherokee Scetches (10:42)
Released 1992.

Fritz Pauer Trio
Fritz Pauer, though still in his forties, definitely is a piece of European jazz history. I clearly remember him doing his first professional jobs with Fatty George and Hans Koller back in 1962, and within a short time it has been evident for musicians and jazz lovers that a great musical talent was growing to maturity.
Fritz has worked seriously for the last thirty years. His great feeling makes him able to play duets with Art Farmer, Hans Koller or Lee Konitz as well as to work with big orchestras. He is a gifted composer, a skilful arranger, an open-eyed music teacher, and above all he is a warm human being. His playing is always fascinating: it is never superficial, it never ends in itself; it does not depend on where he works or whom he works with. He likes great concert halls and small recording studios as well as intimate jazz clubs such as Vienna's "Jazzspelunke". He likes to collaborate with musicians from all jazz styles, he also has absorbed influences of many different cultures.
The music on "City blues" reflects Pauer's various experiences. Sometimes it is dominated by the blues, sometimes it is reminiscing of the classical tradition, some other time it is floating in atmospheric onomatopoeia. There are brilliant solos and collective improvisations as well as sensitive arrangements.
Fritz Pauer is accompanied by bassist Johannes Strasser whose virtuosity has been heard in the groups of Art Farmer, Junior Cook - Bill Hardman, Chet Baker or Karl Ratzer; and by Christian Salfellner, a well-respected drummer who has already played with jazz greats like Joseph Bowie, Hannibal Marvin Peters on and Warren Vache: among others.
Fritz Pauer has dedicated this record to his parents. We, the jazz people, can only be grateful to them having given us such a son! (Klaus Schulz)
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