World Records BSIN05513685 (VINYL-LP), (UK Pressung), Zustand: Vinyl: sehr gut, Cover:sehr gut

Payne, Jack / And His BBC Dance Orchestra - Jack Payne With Hiis BBC Dance Orchestra (VINYL-LP)

Jack Payne with his BBC Dance Orchestra.
Jack Payne (vocals). Recorded 1928-1931.
Side 1:
1. Say It With Music
2. Choo Choo
3. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
4. The Man From The South
5. Lazy Day
6. Hot And Heavy
7. Ain't That The Way It Goes
8. My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies
Side 2:
1. Happy Days Are Here Again
2. Underneath The Spanish Stars
3. Harmonica Harry (The Harmonica King)
4. Twentieth Century Blues
5. The Peanut Vendor
6. Hot Bricks
7. Fire, Fire, Fire
8. Entrance Of The Little Fauns
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