Rarities BSIN05492079 (VINYL-LP analog), (Österreichische Pressung), Zustand: Vinyl: neuwertig, Cover: sehr gut

Bailey, Buster - Complete Recordings 1934-1940 (VINYL-LP analog)

Buster Bailey (clarnet) featuring Henry Allen, J.C. Higginbotham, Benny Carter, John Kirby, Billy Kyle and many others.
Side 1:
1. Call Of The Delta
2. Shanghai Shuffle
3. Afternoon In Africa
4. Dizzy Debutante
5. Planter's Punch
6. Sloe Jam Fizz
7. Chained To A Dream
8. Light Up
9. Man With A Horn Goes Berserk

Side 2:
1. Should I
2. The Blue Room
3. April In Paris
4. Am I Blue
5. Seems Like A Month Of Sundays
6. Fable Of Rose
7. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
8. Eccentric Rag
Released 197
Price: 12,50 EUR