Ezz-thetics BSIN05399284 (2 CD-Set)

Ayler, Albert - La Cave Live Cleveland 1966 Revisited (2 CD-Set)

A new Albert Ayler recording is something of an event because it adds to a relatively thin discography. Almost unknown was the series of tapes made in April 1966 at a club called La Cave. It was all the more significant because it was located in Albert Aylerís home town of Cleveland.
Half a century after he left us, we are still catching up with Albert Ayler and still coming to terms with his unique synthesis of the traditional and the avant-garde. This is another important document in that belated journey of discoveries and is some of his emotionally freest playing.
Albert Ayler (tenor saxophone), Donald Ayler (trumpet), Frank Wright (tenor saxophone, on April 17 only), Michel Samson (violin), Mutawef A. Shaheed as Clyde Shy (double bass), Ronald Shannon Jackson (drums)
CD 1:
Recorded April 17, 1966 at La Cave, Cleveland, 1st set:v
1. Spirits Rejoice (6:23)
2. Prophet/ Ghosts/ Spiritual Bells (14:21)
3. Our Prayer/ Spirits Rejoice (9:36)
Recorded April 17, 1966 at La Cave, Cleveland, 2nd set:
4. Untitled/Truth Is Marching In (15:34)
5. Spirits (9:07)
6. Zion Hill (12:43
CD 2:
Recorded April 17, 1966 at La Cave, Cleveland, 2nd set:
1. Spirits (7:00)
2. Spiritual Bells (3:47)
3. Untitled (F # tune) (9:06)
Recorded April 16, 1966 at La Cave, Cleveland:
4. Spirits Rejoice (4:33)
5. D.C. (5:41)
6. Untitled (minor waltz) (6:49)
7. Our Prayer (6:30)
8. Untitled (F # tune) (15:13)
9. Ghosts (6:17)
Released 2022.
Price: 22,90 EUR