Fountain Records BSIN05315630 (VINYL-LP), (UK-Pressung), Zustand: Vinyl: neuwertig, Cover: sehr gut

Henderson, Fletcher / And His Orchestra - The Henderson Pathes (1923-1925) (VINYL-LP)

The nineteen tracks which make up this release were all recorded for the Pathé label between November 1923 and February 1925, a very important period of the band’s history.
Fletcher Henderson with Louis Armstrong, Buster Bailey, Coleman Hawkins, Kaiser Marshall, Don Redman and many others.
Side 1:
1. Old Black Joe's Blues
2. 31st Street Blues
3. Shake Your Feet
4. Swanee River Blues
5. It Won't Be Long Now
6. Warhorse Mamma
7. Chicago Blues
8. Why Put The Blame On You
9. After The Storm
10. Driftwood
Side 2:
1. I Wish I Could Make You Cry
2. Say Say Sadie
3. Tell Me, Dreamy Eyes
4. My Rose Marie
5. Don't Forget You'll Regret Day By Day
6. Shanghai Shuffle
7. Poplar Street Blues
8. Twelfth Street Blues
9. Me Neenyah (My Little One)
Recorded between November (26-30), 1923 and February (2-6), 1925 in New York.
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