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Byas, Don - Feat. Berryl Booker Trio

Don Byas featuring Mary Williams Trio & Beryl Booker Trio
Recorded 1953-1955 in Paris.
Mary Lou Williams, Don Byas
1. O, W.
2. Mary' s Waltz
3. Just You, Just Me
4. Lullaby of The Leaves
5. Moonglow
6. Why
7. Chicka Boom Blues
8. New Musical Express
Booker, Beryl Booker Trio 9. Paris Medley
10. Cheek To Cheek
11. Makin Whoopee
12. I Should Care
13. Beryl Booker's Byased Blues
Don Byas, The Bud Powell Quintet
14. Sincerely
Don Bya
15. Burt's Pad
Don Byas, The Bud Powell Quintet
16. I Can't Get Started
17. Sincerely
Released 1999.
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