City Park BSIN05197905

Schneeberger, Diknu / Trio - Live from Porgy & Bess

This is the 5th album of Diknu Schneeberger and marks a new milestone in his career: It's the NEW Diknu Schneeberger Trio with two fellow musicians of his own age. These are actually live recordings, BUT in the Corona crisis, so a stream wthout audience - like a live radio studio sesion! It's a nice combination of clear sound plus fresh and sassy playing/improvising! Almost all of the tracks are compositions by the bandleader himself. Just one Django Reinhardt song made it into the programm: Nuages!
Diknu Schneeberger (Gitarre), Julian Wohlmuth (Gitarre), Martin Heinzle (Bass)
1. Martins Song
2. Love for Everybody
3. Frische Minze
4. Hope of Universe
5. Game of Elements
6. Around the Lake
7. Rebel
8. Krokus
9. Nuages
10. Feuerlicht
11. Abenteuer Erde
12. Miri Dai
13. Swing de Vienne
Released 2020.
Price: 17,90 EUR