First Heard BSIN05174914 (VINYL-LP), (UK-Pressung), Zustand: Vinyl: neuwertig, Cover: neuwertig

Herman, Woody / And His First Herd - Juke Box (VINYL-LP)

Woody Herman And His First Herd with Ralph Burns, Pete Candoli, Bill Harris, Margie Hyams, Chubby Jackson, Flip Phillips, Jo Stafford, Dave Tough
Side 1:
1. Red Top
2. Put That Ring On My Finger
3. Great Northern
4. Walking My Baby Back Home
5. The Golden Wedding (La Cinquantaine)
6. The Atcheson, Topeka & The Santa Fe
7. At The Woodchopper's Ball
Side 2:
1. Till The End Of Time
2. Perdido
3. It Must Be Jelly
4. Superman With A Horn
5. Day By Day
6. Ee-Ba-Ba-Lee-Ba
7. Wild Root / Blue Flame Theme
Recorded live 1944-1946.
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