MCA Coral BSIN05174360 (VINYL-LP), (Deutsche Pressung), Zustand: Vinyl: neuwertig, Cover: neuwertig

Hamilton, Chico / Quintet - Sweet Smell Of Success (VINYL-LP)

Paul Horn (Alto Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo Flute), Carson Smith (Bass), Fred Katz (Cello), Chico Hamilton (Drums), John Pisano (Guitar)
Recorded For The Soundtrack Of The Norma-Curtleigh Production Picture Presented By Hecht, Hill And Lancaster "Sweet Smell Of Success".
Recorded A1, A2, A4: June 17, 1957, A3, A5: July 12, 1957, A6, A7, B1: unknown.
Side 1:
1. Goodbye Baby
2. Cheek To Chico
3. Susan (The Sage)
4. Sidney's Theme
5. Jonalah
6. Jam
7. Night Beat
Side 2:
1. Concerto Of Jazz Themes From The Soundtrack Of »Sweet Smell Of Success«
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