Dutton BSIN05066053

Harris, Jack / And His Orchestra - After All These Years

1. Toy trumpet
2. The gypsy in my soul
3. It looks like rain in cherry blossom lane
4. Please believe me
5. After all these years
6. The snake charmer
7. Plain Jane
8. Please be kind
9. I'm gonna kiss myself goodbye
10. In an old cathedral town
11. Love walked in
12. Wake up and live
13. No more you
14. So little time
15. Only when you're in my arms
16. I'm a little prairie flower
17. Say si si
18. Moonlight on the waterfall
19. How many rhymes can you get
20. The little boy that Santa Claus forgot
21. The girl in the Hansom Cab
22. I double dare you
23. It's a long way to your heart
24. My prayer
25. Stardust on the moon - goodnight to you all
Recorded 1936-1939.
Released 2001.
Price: 9,90 EUR