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Giuffre, Jimmy / 3 - Graz Live 1961

Jimmy Giuffre (clarinet), Paul Bley (piano), Steve Swallow (double bass)
Recorded live October 27, 1961 by ORF Graz. 1961 was a breakthrough year for Jimmy Giuffre, although even he may not have realized it at the time, and, alas, what little critical response there was to his music failed, until decades later, to recognize him as one of the innovators who was redirecting jazz into new forms of improvised activity. Art Lange
1. Ictus
2. Brief Hesitation
3. The Gamut
4. Suite For Germany
5. Trance
6. Cry, Wan
7. Carla
8. Whirrr
9. Temporarily
10. Scootin' About
11. That's True, That's True
Released 2019.

,, es ist der Archivfund des Jahres. Weil sich hier - wie oft aber nicht durchgehend in Jimmy Giuffres Werk - Schönheit und Wagemut in idealer Balance einfinden.“
(Adam Olschewski in Jazz Podium, Juli 2019)
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