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Kenton, Stan / Orchestra - The Stuttgart Experience (1972)

Stan Kenton could not and would not confine himself to only one category. His ensembles were musical hermaphrodites and his band was his instrument, on whose sound he worked with unusual instrumentation and above all with courageous arrangers, composers and idiosyncratic soloists. In 1972, after a break of several years, the Stan Kenton Orchestra went on tour through Europe. At this time Stan Kenton was preceded by his reputation as the legend of progressive jazz. The band was in top form and had new material in store – Bill Holman’s Latin earworm Malaga, his arrangement of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, or the title melody Love Story from the epony mous movie hit of 1971.
1. Chiapas (08:29) 2. Theme From Love Story (06:10)
3. The Peanut Vendor (09:00)
4. Rhapsody In Blue (07:13)
5. Malaga (08:35)
6. Intermission Riff (10:32)
7. Mac Arthur Park (05:56)
8. Ambivalence (08:29)
9. Malaguena (04:45)
10. Artistry in rhythm (06:05)
Released 2016.
Price: 12,50 EUR