Cam Jazz BSIN04966610

Mirabassi, Gabriele / Taufic, Roberto - Nitido E Obscuro

"How much music is there here? A glance at the timer dial on your hi-fi will give you the strict and literal answer, but it’s tempting to ignore that and say that the real duration is a hundred years. Here are two masters, just turned into their 50s, both of them having absorbed music pretty much since birth, through their ears, but also eyes and bodies, because there is a good deal of dance involved in these sounds as well. That alternative answer might lead you to expect a dense, laden sound, as the playing partners try to pack as much information as possible into each track, but of course the reality is very different. As both Gabriele Mirabassi and Roberto Taufic have recognised, there is a more to be said in a single, gracefully positioned note, than there is in virtuosic flurries of sound. What might, at first hearing, seem like a rather gentle and unhurried performance, continues to yield new layers and impressions with each successive visit. The chase elements of the title track are entirely in the service of a tune that will stay with your forever, even if you can’t whistle that fast. It would be redundant to speculate which man brings what to the music. Taufic’s Honduran/Brazilian background (which is actually more culturally complex than that) suggests he might be behind the chôro elements, but Mirabassi understands that language just as well and intuitively. The two men previously shared their common ground on a record called Um Brasil diferente, a title that nicely sums up what you’re holding here as well". (Brian Morton)
Recorded Live at Venica & Venica Winery (Dolegna del Collio, Italy) on 7 June 2017.
1. Saci
2. Nítido e obscuro
3. Francisca
4. Sinhá
5. Assanhado
6. Ao amigo Tom
7. Chôro mineiro
8. Donna ornella
9. Igreja da penha
10. Falaçao
11. Pranto
12. Subindo a cantareira
13. Nó na garganta
14. Um a zero
Released 2018.
Price: 20,90 EUR