Largo BSIN04928384

Gruber, HK / Kovacic, Ernst / Crossley, Paul / London Sinfonietta - ...aus schatten duft gewebt…

Composer: HK (Heinz Karl) Gruber

HK Gruber throws off labels as fast as cultural pundits can affix them. Neo-romantic, neo-tonal, neo-expressionistic, neo-Viennese: he isn't any of these things, so much as a sentient (and down right accomplished) composer who keeps responding to whatever musical stimulus, be it highbrow, 12-tone or 7-tone, bitter or sweet, that comes his way, and is never misled by it into speaking with an artificial musical accent. (Paul Driver) This CD is one of three of LARGO's 'Alternative Vienna' releases - a concert series presented in London by the South Bank Centre. Other 'Alternative Vienna' releases: Schwertsik (LARGO 5125) and Cerha (LARGO 5126).
1. Der rote Teppich wird ausgerollt (aus Revue für Kammerorchester. Op. 22)
2. Violin Concerto No. 1 (1978)
3. 6 Episoden
4. Four Pieces for Solo Violin (Op.11)
5. Bossa Nova (Op. 21/e)
Released 2000.
Price: 18,90 EUR