Resonance BSIN04847777

Liebman, Dave / Lovano, Joe - Compassion - The Music of John Coltrane

This release features saxophonist Dave Liebman to do a recording session for the 40th anniversary of John Coltrane’s passing, together with Summit-mates Joe Lovano, Billy Hart and Phil Markowitz, and supported by bassist Ron McClure. Approaching the 50th anniversary of Coltrane’s passing in 2017, Compassion is a fitting tribute to his legacy. The music explores Coltrane’s legacy with a modern coloristic approach.
1. Locomotion (6:11)
2. Central Park West/Dear Lord (8:10)
3. Oli (8:46)
4. Reverend King (5:23)
5. Compassion (17:31)
6. Equinox (6:43)
Released 2017.
Price: 22,90 EUR