Koch International BSIN04799302

Vienna City Ramblers - On A Saturday Night

Eddie Salmen (Trumpet), Reinhold Westphal (Tenor Saxophon), Paul Skrepek (Trombone), Humbert Augustinowicz (Piano), Wolfgang Tanner (Bass), Helmut Schneeweiss (Drums), Robert Grimmlinger (Vibraphon & Leader), Ernst Schuller (Flügelhorn & All Vocals)
1. 's Wonderful
2. Count‘s Bounce
3. Pennies From Heaven
4. Cherry
5. Cute
6. Broadway
7. Old Folks
8. One To Nine Boogie
9. On A Saturday Night
10. Never Mind
11. Jive At Five
12. Is You Is Or Is You Ain‘t My Baby
13. Stop Cryin‘
14. Could It Be You
15. Moten Swing
16. As Time Goes By
Released 1992.
Price: 17,90 EUR