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Ziegler, Pablo - Buanos Aires Report

BUENOS AIRES REPORT was the 2nd ZOHO CD release by Argentinian Tango Jazz icon Pablo Ziegler, after BAJO CERO - Ziegler's critically acclaimed first ZOHO CD release with the same trio, won a Latin Grammy award in the tango category in November 2005!
Ziegler is the most important artist of the Tango Nuevo, and the legitimate successor of the great Astor Piazzolla whose most famous composition Libertango is included on this release.
Between 1978 and 1989, Ziegler worked continuously with Astor Piazzolla and contributed substantially to the legendary bandoneonist's enormous success.
A classically trained pianist and a veteran of the vibrant Buenos Aires jazz scene, Ziegler has taken Tango, South America's most sultry and passionate music, into a new direction by using improvisational elements, and further exploring the common ground between Tango and jazz.
1. Buenos Aires Report
2. Pajaro Angel
3. Places
4. Milonga Para Hermeto
5. Blues Porteno
6. Elegante Canyenguito
7. Muchacha De Boedo
8. Buenos Aires Dark
9. Libertango
Released 2016.
Price: 20,90 EUR