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Blanchard, Terence - The Malcolm X Jazz Suite

1. The Opening (8:30)
2. Melody For Laura (6:25)
3. Theme For Elijah (5:24)
4. Blues For Malcolm (12:05)
5. The Nation (4:53)
6. Malcolm's Theme (6:07)
7. Betty's Theme (7:39)
8. Malcolm Makes Hajj (4:37)
9. Malcolm At Peace (11:21)
10. Perpetuity (4:30)
11. Malcolm's Theme (1:47)
Released 1993.

Trumpeter Terence Blanchard continues to grow and develop with each year. He wrote the score for Malcolm X and this set finds him exploring 11 of his themes from the movie with his quintet (which also includes Sam Newsome on tenor, pianist Bruce Bath, bassist Tarus Matten and drummer Troy Davis). Many moods are explored and the fresh material really invigorates the quintet. Newsome's Trane-isms blend well with Blanchard (whose range has become quite impressive) and the performances (which easily stand apart from the film) are quite memorable. It's one of Terence Blachard's finest recordings. (Scott Yanow)
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