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Kovacic, Ernst / Leopoldinum Orchestra - Musik für Kammerorchester

Composer: Ernst Krenek

Ernst Krenek (1900-1991): Music for Chamber Orchestra
These five works for chamber orchestra by Ernst Krenek (1900-91) were written between 1931 and 1979 — both before and long after Krenek abandoned Hitler's Austria for California. They demonstrate that serial music, in capable hands, does not have to abandon the virtues of more conservative idioms: the emotions embraced here range from translucent lyricism, via powerful dramatic utterance, to uneasy existentialist humour.
Agata Zubel (soprano), Mathias Hausmann (baritone)
Leopoldinum Orchestra, Ernst Kovacic (conductor)
1. Von Vorn Herein, op.219 (1974
2. Die Nachtigall, op.68a (1931)
3. Im Tal der Zeit, op.232 (1979) (First Recording)
4. Static and Ecstatic, op.214 (1971-72) (First Recording on CD)
5. The Dissembler, op.229 (1978)
Released 2012.
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