CPO BSIN04558589 (4 CD-Set)

Ukigaya / Francis / NDR Radiophilharmonie - Sinfonien 1-5 (4 CD-Set)

Composer: Ernst Krenek

Ernst Krenek (1900-1991) - Symphonien Nr.1-5 (4 CD-Set)
NDR Radiophilharmonie Hannover, Takao Ukigaya, Alun Francis
Symphonien Nr. 1-5
Potpourri op. 54
Concerto grosso op. 25 Nr. 2
Recorded 1993-1995 & 2006.
An Epochal Cycle Krenek's Symphonies Nos. 1-5 Almost twenty years ago we recorded Ernst Krenek's symphonies and released them in rapid succession. Following the recent discovery of the score of his Symphony No. 4 in the United States, we were also able to release this work, which had been regarded as lost. And now we are proud to present the completion of our complete recording of Krenek's symphonic works featuring his five symphonies in a box of four CDs at a top price. When Vol. 1 was released, the American magazine Fanfare wrote in 1996, »This series will become a milestone. Outstanding dynamics, excellent sound. An epochal cycle.« And, truly, in all his symphonies, no matter how different they may be, Krenek proved to be a composer who knew how to write suspenseful music in the best sense of the term. From neobaroque phases with infectious drive to works of the highest complexity in free atonality but with tonal elements of design, he was always able to draw on his multifacetedness to create surprises, and the interpreters selected by us prove to be his perfect advocates: »The NDR Radio Philharmonic, certainly one of the most inquisitive German radio orchestras, holds in store precise, atmospherically rich interpretations. Finely heard-out balance and tonally finely harmonized articulation.«
Released 2012.

Fanfare (USA) 12 / 96: »Diese Serie wird ein Meilenstein werden. Überragende Dynamik, exzellenter Klang. Ein epochaler Zyklus.«

WDR: »Mit der 1. Sinfonie hatte Krenek sich als ein eruptives, wildwüchsiges und ohne auffallende Skrupel produzierendes Talent präsentiert.«

WDR: »Ein Monstrum an Symphonie (Nr. 2). Machen Sie sich auf das gewalttätigste Orchestercrescendo gefaßt, das je an Ihr Ohr drang. Eine hochachtbare, teils brillante Leistung der Musiker.«

Tagesanzeiger (CH): »Ungenierter Witz schwingt spielerisch obenauf. Parodie ist das Kennzeichen jener beiden Stücke, die Ukigaya vorstellt. Die leicht hingetupfte Dritte Symphonie wie das Potpourri op. 54 samt frechen Eskapaden ins ›vulgäre‹ Fach bezeugen, daß es schon vor siebzig Jahren so etwas wie Polystilistik gegeben hat.«

klassik. com: »Präzise, atmosphärisch dichte Interpretation.«
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