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Shaw, Artie - The Artistry Of Artie Shaw

Artie Shaw - The Artistry of Artie Shaw
This collection covers the very interesting period 1949-54 when the clarinettist experimented with classical forms. There are also Gramercy Five tracks with Jimmy Raney, Don Fagerquist, Hank Jones, Tal Farlow and Joe Roland.
1. Summit Ridge Drive
2. The Grabtown Grapple
3. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
4. The Pied Piper Theme
5. Cross Your Heart
6. Piece En Forme De Habanera
7. Guajira
8. Corcovado
9. Petite Piece
10. Andaluza
11. Prelude No. 17
12. Valse
13. The Man I Love
14. The Mood In Question
15. Rendezvous For Clarinet And Strings
16. I Concentrate on You
17. Besame Mucho
18. That Old Feeling
19. Tenderly
20. Stop And Go Mambo
21. Imagination
22. Sunny Side Up
Released 2005.
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