Doxy Cinematic BSIN04461362 (VINYL-LP analog)

Mingus, Charles - Shadows (OST) (VINYL-LP analog)

LIMITED EDITION OF 500 ON SHADY TRANSPARENT VINYL For the first time on vinyl the great score composed by Charles Mingus for the legendary 1959 directorial debut of John Cassavetes Shadows.
Much has been said about the controversial relationship between the two great masters. "(...)The score encapsulates Cassavetes' and Mingus's unique approaches to both improvisation and composition in their respective media, illuminating the oppositional nature of jazz to mainstream cultural production and the underbelly of race relations in 1950's America" (Mingus, Cassavetes and the Birth of a Jazz Cinema - Ross Lipman)
1. Untitled percussion
2. Composition
3. Nostalgia in Times Squarre
4. Alice’s Wonderland
5. Self-Portrait in three colours
Released 2015.
Price: 22,90 EUR