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Klein, Guillermo / Corea, Chick / Byron, Don - Infinite Winds

Guillermo Klein (composer, piano), Chick Corea (composer), Don Byron (composer), Frederick Harris, Jr. (conductor), Bill McHenry (tenor saxophone), Evan Ziporyn (clarinet)
On their new and musically diverse release Infinite Winds, the MIT Wind Ensemble and the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble present three long form compositions by three diverse and highly regarded composers: Guillermo Klein, Chick Corea and Don Byron. The three pieces were each recorded in their world première performances. Klein’s Solar Return Suite and Byron’s Concerto For Clarinet and Wind Ensemble feature special guest performers, saxophonist Bill McHenry and clarinetist Evan Ziporyn, respectively.
Guillermo Klein:
1. Solar return suite
1. 1. Terrenal
1. 2. Pulmón
1. 3. Cátaros
1. 4. Between the lines
1. 5. Platense
1. 6. Camello
1. 7. Solar return
Bill McHenry And The MIT Wind Ensembles

Chick Corea:
2. 1. From Forever (Suite For Big Band Dedicated To Herb Pomeroy)
MIT Festival Jazz Ensembles

Don Byron:
Concerto for clarinet and wind ensemble
3. 1. Tarantella
3. 2. Ballade
3. 3. Fast stuff
Evan Ziporyn: Mit Wind Ensemble
Released 2015.
Price: 20,90 EUR