Sonorama BSIN04333665 (Vinyl-LP analog)

Pettiford, Oscar / Quartet - We Get The Message (Vinyl-LP analog)

Newly unearthed live recordings of jazz bass and cello legend Oscar Pettiford and his quartet from Hamburg in 1958, featuring the great Kenny Clarke (dr), Hans Koller (ts), Attila Zoller (g) & guests in front of an excited audience. Eight tracks full of bluesy modern jazz, with a gloomy version of Friedrich Gulda`s “Dark Glow” or the cheerful “Gertberg Walk”, written by Pettiford especially for the occasion. Excellent sound quality, carefully mastered in 2015, comes with new liner notes and unseen concert photos from the same evening. Oscar at his best, passing the message of jazz as it was received!
1. Cohn's Limit
2. Yardbird Suite
3. Dark Glow
4. Gertberg Walk
5. Stalag 414
6. Love Nest
7. Ghost Of A Chance
8. Willi der Bär
Released 2015.
Price: 26,90 EUR