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Rajter, Ludovit/RSO Bratislava - Sinfonien 1/2

Composer: Alexander Zemlinsky

Alexander Zemlinsky (1871-1942) Sinfonien Nr. 1 & 2
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Ludovit Rajter
Symphony in D minor
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, Edgar Seipenbusch
Symphony in B flat major

Zemlinsky was born in Vienna and taught Alma Mahler, whose husband gave him practical eneouragement, and Scboenberg, who became his brother-in-law. Zemlinsky's First Symphony with its grandiose first movementv Iively scherzo and lyrical final movement, is rooted firmly in the rich Viennese classical tradition and represents an excellent example of the late nineleenth century sympbony.
The Second Symphony was immediately well received by the public and is characterised by a strong sense of romantic grandeur. in which traces of Wagner and Mahler are combined with Zemlinsky 's own more elusive musical character to potent effect.
Released 2003.
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