Acoustic Music BSIN04068299

Kagerer, Helmut - About Birds And Bees

"Helmut is the 'dean' of German jazz guitar;" said Larny Coryell. And convincing proof of the pudding is Kagerer's current solo recording.
The album presents 90 years of jazz history, from Fats Waller's "Ain't Misbehavlng" in a George van Eps plectrum style, to John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" in an up-tempo with racing lines of single notes. Pat Martino's "Country Road" appears, through-composed and played only with down strokes, as do lyrical pieces like "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin, decorated with artificial flageolets. Attila Zoller's hit tune "About Birds And Bees" rounds off the album in a grooving Latin style. Altogether, it's an exciting panoply of musical moods that swings as if an entire rhythm section were playing along.
1. About birds and bees (03:06)
2. Giant steps (03:24)
3. Lotus blossom / Warm valley (08:06)
4. Ain't misbehavin' (03:30)
5. Country road (02:07)
6. Someone to watch over me (02:57)
7. Double / My funny valentine (06:09)
8. Smile (04:09)
9. Ulla's memory (03:31)
10. Embraceable you (05:08)
11. Peace tune (01:35)
Released 2013.
Price: 19,90 EUR