CPO BSIN04066637 (2 CD-Set)

Aron Quartett / Sigfridsson, Henri - String Quartets / Piano Quintet (2 CD-Set)

Composer: Erich Wolfgang Korngold

Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897-1957): Streichquartette Nr.1-3 (op.16, 26, 34)
Aron Quartett:
Ludwig Müller (Violine), Barna Kobori (Viola), Georg Hamann: (Viola), Christophe Pantillon (Violoncello).
Henri Sigfridsson (Piano)
Quintett für Klavier und Streichquartett E-Dur op. 15
1. Mäßiges Zeitmaß
2. Adagio
3. Finale
Streichquartett Nr. 1 A-Dur op. 16
1. Allegro molto
2. Adagio quasi fantasia
3. Intermezzo
4. Finale
Streichquartett Nr. 2 Es-Dur op. 26
1. Allegro
2. Intermezzo
3. Larghetto
4. Waltz
Streichquartett Nr. 3 D-Dur op. 34
1. Allegro moderato
2. Scherzo
3. Sostenuto: Like a folk tune
4. Finale

Orchestral chamber music
The name Korngold is associated above all with large-scale works, particularly operas and film music. However, the composer also wrote various chamber works during the course of his career. Korngold never reined himself in stylistically or intellectually in works for smaller ensembles. Instead, he preferred to expand the resources at hand so much that he lacked nothing, with the result that even works such as the string quintet performed here often sounded positively orchestral. His first string quartet is outstanding in particular for its many surprising ideas and extremely challenging technical requirements. Korngold composed the majority of his second string quartet 10 years later at his country house in Gmunden, on the shores of lake Traunsee. The tremendous influence of the captivatingly beautiful Upper Austrian scenery can clearly be felt in the melodic treasure trove of this score. The third quartet is completely different in character: the sound is less dense and more linear, the chromaticism is more transparent, and it is clearly evident that the composer had reformed his tonal language by the time his final creative phase began, in which he was to write some of his most beautiful works.
Released 2009.
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