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Metheny, Pat / Group - We Live Here-Live In Japan (DVD-Video)

Some six years after their previous studio album, the Pat Metheny Group regathered in 1995 to release the album “We Live Here”. This was to be the first of a set of three albums that the band refer to as the “triptych”, the others being “Quartet” (1996) and “Imaginary Day” (1997).
Following the release of the album the Pat Metheny Group embarked on a world tour during which this concert was filmed in Japan. Many of the tracks from the “We Live Here” album are included along with others from their various eighties albums. There are short interview segments with the band members inserted between some of the songs which give an insight into the creation of the album and life on the tour.
1. Introduction
2. Have you heard
3. And then I knew
4. Lyle Mays Interview
5. Here to stay
6. First circle
7. Paul Wertico Interview
8. Scrap Metal
9. Pat Metheny Interview
10. Farmer's trust
11. Lyle Mays Interview
12. Episode d'Azur
13. Armando Marcal Interview
14. Third wind
15. This is not America
16. David Blamires Interview
17. Antonia
18. Steve Rodby Interview
19. To the end of the world
20. Mark Ledford Interview
21. Minuano
22. Pat Metheny Interview
23. Stranger in town
Released 2013.
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