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Savoy Orpheans / Savoy Havana Band And The Sylvians 1923-1927 - Everybody Stomp

The Savoy Orpheans, Savoy Havana Band and The Sylvians
Everybody Stomp (1923-1927)
Let's make it plain from the start. “Unissued on 78s” means just that, no more, no less. Some of the tracks on this CD have been issued on LP, some even on CD (maybe more than I know of), but none were ever issued on 78s and quite a lot are seeing the light of day for the very first time.
1. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
2. Farewell Blues
3. Henpecked Blues
4. Come On, Red (You Red-Hot Devil Man)
5. Eccentric
6. Don't Crowd
7. Oh! Eva (Ain't You Coming Out To-Night)
8. Any Way The Wind Blows
9. Raggedy Ann
10. Hard-Hearted Hannah
11. Copenhagen
12. Show Me The Way To Go Home
13. Everybody Loves My Baby
14. Nobody Knows What A Red-Head Mamma Can Do
15. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
16. Blue Evening Blues
17. Oh! That Sweet In Suite 16
18. Everybody Stomp
19. Stomp Off, Let's Go
20. Static Strut
21. Where'd You Get Those Eyes?
22. Vladivostok
23. Ain't That Too Bad?
24. Mississippi Mud
Released 2012.
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