Doxy BSIN03885479 (VINYL-LP + CD)

Cash, Johnny - Songs Of Our Soil (VINYL-LP + CD)

Recorded in 1959, Songs Of Our Soil is a concept album that reflects Johnny Cash’s penchant for the American folk ballad, proving himself to be a direct descendant of this great idiom.
Here Cash offers almost an entire album’s worth of his own compositions (with a few traditionals thrown in for good measure), tackling such classic themes as floods, Indians, miners and drinking.
Featuring bonus tracks “My Grandfather’s Clock” and “It Could Be You,” taken from the original 1959 album sessions.
180gram HQ vinyl pressing with bonus CD of the entire album.
1. Drink to me
2. Five Feet High And Rising
3. The Man On The Hill
4. Hank and Joe and me
5. Clementine
6. The Great Speckled Bird
7. I Want To Go Home
8. The caretaker
9. Old Apache squaw
10. Don't step on mother's roses
11. My grandfather's clock (Bonus Track)
12. It could be you (Bonus Track)
Released 2012.
Price: 25,90 EUR