Kairos BSIN03825924

Grubinger, Martin / Wiener Philharmoniker / Eoetvoes / Boulez - Konzert für Schlagzeug & Orchester

Composer: Friedrich Cerha

Both pieces in this record are rich and emotionally imbued. The Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra consists of three movements all with their own array of solo instruments. The percussionist changing positions in every one until, at the end, he returns to his initial one. The first movement as well as the end of the piece are marked by eruptive blocks of sound, the drums dominating. The orchestral textures are organized in three layers of sophisticated rhythmical patterns which together with a solo like horn and tuba provide continuous motion throughout the whole movement. The second movement is more lyrical, dominated by resonating instruments. Cerha himself on this movement: “I was originally stimulated by observing the slow movements of heavenly bodies and ways of catching up and overtaking which play a part in many areas of life.”
The third movement gets back to first one and has a scherzo-like character. The high, clear sounds of the xylophone, wood blocks and log drums are dominating the motion in a frenzied tempo.
Impulse (means ‘Impulses’) is a multifaceted orchestral work with strong musical contrasts. Constructs of fierce, passionate Nature alternate with expressions of quietude, pensively elegiac, at times harshly and suddenly juxtaposed, along with gestures (most of them emphasised by dynamics) initiating a process leading continuously toward new, altered situations. The piece was commissioned by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
1. Konzert für Schlagzeug und Orchester (2007/2008) (31:24)
(Martin Grubinger, Wiener Philharmoniker. Peter Eötvös)
2. Impulse für Orchester (1992/93) (21:53)
(Martin Grubinger, Wiener Philharmoniker. Pierre Boulez)
Released 2012.
Price: 22,90 EUR