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El Cigala, Diego - Cigala & Tango

Cigala & Tango is the musical testimony to Diego El Cigala's April concert in the legendary Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires. There, musicians from both sides of the Atlantic joined together for a very special evening which in the following days the Argentine press described as: “Flamenco And Tango Shake Hands”, “Tangos and Palm Trees with Gypsy Blood and a Unique Singer” and “An Andalusian Musical Invasion”.
Cigala& Tango is composed of 11 songs through which Diego reviews live on stage the classic and contemporary repertoire of the tango. Accompanied by Argentinian artists of the stature of Andrés Calamaro, Néstor Marconi and Juanjo Domínguez, and by his regular group in Spain (the guitarist Diego El Morao, the Cuban double-bass player Yelsy Heredia, the pianist Jaime `Jumitus' Calabuig `Jumitus' and the percussionist Sabú Porrina), the flamenco singer from Madrid offers a flamenco interpretation of the music of Gardel, Ástor Piazzolla and Atahualpa Yupanqui, with classic tango pieces, such as Tus ojos se cerraron and El día que me quieras and contemporary pieces including Garganta con arena.
1. Garganta Con Arena
2. Las Cuarenta
3. El Día Que Me Quieras
4. Soledad
5. Los Hermanos
6. Nostalgias
7. Tomo y Obligo
8. Sus Ojos Se Cerraron
9. Youkali
10. En Esta Tarde Gris
11. Alfonsina y El Mar
Released 2011.
Price: 18,90 EUR