C Major BSIN03718171 (Blue-ray Disc)

Buchbinder, Rudolf / Wiener Philharmoniker - Klavierkonzerte 1-5 (The Beethoven Piano Concertos) (Blue-ray Disc)

Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven

“No other pianist plays Beethoven in such a supremely classic manner and at such a high level”, writes Vienna’s Kurier about Rudolf Buchbinder’s performance of all five Beethoven piano concertos with the Wiener Philharmoniker.
Buchbinder, who has given many cyclical performances of these works all over the world, performs here both as soloist and conductor. Following the custom of concert practice in the classical era, Buchbinder directs the orchestra from his seat at the piano, often with only a slight motion of the hand or body. This affords a taut, electrically charged atmosphere, as well as an intimacy and transparence that are particularly well-suited to a filmed performance.
Also available: Buchbinder’s Beethoven – A musical conversation between Rudolf Buchbinder and Joachim Kaiser; Director: Christoph Engel, Length: 28’.
Releaesed 2011.
Price: 38,90 EUR