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Zoller, Attila - Lasting Love

“Lasting Love” is the only and late solo work in Attila Zoller's musical career that spans over 50 years. The recordings were made in the Summer of 1997 in New Jersey and were produced by Zoller's friend Woody Mann. At the time, Attila Zoller was already fatally ill. He died on January 25, 1998, surviving the release of his last album by a few weeks only. This CD therefore represents his legacy, indeed the testament of a musician who during the course of his life never stood in the public eye, but was always highly esteemed by his colleagues. “An outstanding recording by an exceptional artist. A long-standing friend and my favorite guitarist...,” were the words of Jim Hall. “Attila is one of my heroes,” Pat Metheny added.
“Lasting Love” contains eleven compositions by Zoller himself, penetrating, intensive and deeply felt works. In this music, we can hear his introspective eye, its intimacy, directness, its immediate and inevitable quality. In his late years, Zoller, who had already played unbuttoned free jazz and coolly intellectual linear experiments, once again became a lyricist and a purist. “Lasting Love” is more than a mere acoustic document, it is the last conversation an inspired musician conducted with us, his listeners. For the last time, Attila Zoller made his voice known, a voice that spoke beyond all trends.

1. About B & B
2. Meant To Be
3. When It's Time
4. Struwwelpeter
5. A Thousand Dreams
6. Lasting Love
7. Waltz For Joy
8. Alicia's Lullaby
9. Kay Bee
10. Peace Tune
11. Samba Caribe
Released 2000.

"The feel is warm and relaxed throughout, and there is some rewarding blowing, but the focus is squarely on the compositions, which range from blues and hard-boppish lines to bossas to ballads." (JazzTimes)
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