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SzaMaBa Trio - The Historical Tata Concert

Sándor Szabó (guitar), Balázs Major (drums), Laszló Bagi (8 string contra bass guitar)
All compositions by Sándor Szabó.
1. Irresistible Desire (12:31)
2. Pantheon (5:38)
3. Shady Valley (5:47)
4. Equationm of The Existence (9:02)
5. Firedance (16:41)
Bonus Tracks
6. Hypnos (7:01)
7. Pantheon (5:14)
Total: 61:55
Released 2004.

SzaMaBa Trio: The Historical T ata Concert
The SzaMaBa Trio was one of the few groups in Hungary that introduced improvisation music which showed a different direction of the language of the contemporary jazz. This utilized all the surrounding influences and experimental attitudes of the contemporary music. The trio consisted of Sándor Szabó and László Bagi, acoustic guitarists, and Balázs Major, a percussion player.
The group established in the mid-eighties far from the jazz scene in Budapest. This relatively outsider situation caused a fertilizing effect on the direction of the Trio's music, which kept their original imagination clear about the music. In the mid-nineties, the group finished its collaboration because of restrictions in cultural and financial circumstances. Three albums was released during there time together. The Hypnos was released in 1993, the Anima in 1995 and the Opus Magnum in 1996. All the three albums have an interesting and unique focus. They showcased the original music of the Trio in a few compositions and also was rich with material from many guest musicians who recorded with the group. The trio performed live without the help of these musicians. On these CDs we can experience an opening for the extended group form. We managed to record a quite a few compositions for an album consisting of some of the last concerts of the SzaMaBa Trio in Tata and Budapest.
Although the recordings made in the nineties, it turns out again that the music is not compromised by fashions and styles and time. It is still very fresh and real as it was played. The musicians got their inspirations from very different sources and interpreted it in a very modern, contemporary way. We can say that it was a very accurate representation for the time. This album has a very strong property, it shows the original face of the trio. On this album the original trio plays with two guitars, percussion setup. They introduce an experiment of the synthesis of dodecaphony, one- tonality and the other, an exotic far eastern music systems with a lot of fertilizing improvisation.
Since a reunion of the trio is not possible, this album is an irreplaceable treasure for the collectors and SzaMaBa fans. The story of the SzaMaBa trio has become complete with this album.
Géza Gábor Simon
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