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Baldes, Jochen - Niniland

Jochen Baldes – Niniland
Jochen Baldes ist part of the heart of the Swiss jazz-scene of the new millenium.
His tenorsaxophon has been heard on several recordings and with numberous groups before: Pirelli And The Pancakes, Swiss Big Band Eruption, Jean Et Les Peugeots, Ohrewürm 3, with Andy Brugger, No No Diet Bang, Sandy Patton, Chris Wiesendanger, Stewy von Wattenwyl and many more.
With „Niniland“ he finally presents his own solo CD, a brilliantly grown piece with entirely selfpenned compositions of Jochen Baldes, written specially for the quartet and sextet, which has been in the studio. If you need to put it in a box, put it into contemporary jazz. Important are grooves, melodies, interplay and a lot of fun, which needs open ears, hearts and heads.
1. So So So
2. Lo No
3. Huga
4. Nini
5. Dolores
6. Ladal
7. Earthcalling Horisberger
8. Kalam
Price: 18,90 EUR