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Various Artists - Pearls - Volume 1 (20 Songwriters)

Various Artists Pearls - Volume 1 (20 Songwriters)
Our labelsampler is a jewel! 20 songs of 20 different singers and bands out of the wide variety of singer/songwriter and americana on brambus. The best of the best and something for every taste - and not at least, a fantastic recommendation to discover the full-length CDs of each individual artist!
1. Jim Hunter: When The Geese Fly Over
2. Brent Moyer: Truth, Trust, Dreams And Heart
3. One Fell Swoop: Good Heart
4. Richard Dobson: Without You
5. Rod Mac Donald: Seven Days
6. Wendy Beckerman: Mango Moon
7. Bucky Halker: Workingmen Unite!
8. E.J. Bucher: No Country Road
9. Hugh Moffatt: Watermelon Moon
10. Big Blue Sky: On The Verge
11. David Rodriguez: Constant War
12. Hunter Moore: Delta Moon
13. Jeff Wilkinson: Stolen Art
14. Endless Avenue: Still Don't Know
15. Paul F. Cowlan: Granfer's Double
16. Robin Greenstein: When You Leave Amsterdam
17. J.J. Reneaux: 'Chafalaya Basin
18. Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen: The Rive
19. Jack Hardy: The Passing
20. Sammy Walker: The Seed Of Life
Released 2006.
Price: 18,90 EUR