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Troja - Island Sceneries

Troja - Island Sceneries
Peter Zihlmann (p), Patrick Sommer (b), Tobias Friedli (dr)
The band Troja was initiated by the Pianist Peter Zihlmann in 2003. From the very beginning it was of high importance to this trio to develop an unique band sound and to bring out many different facets of the „traditional“ instruments Piano, Bass and Drums. The songs – all originals by the band leader – are thus of a great diversity. They leave room for high energy passages as well almost chamber music-like sequencies sometimes elusive and then again well grounded. Due to their broad musical background the three musicians know well how to merge the different songs to a complete picture.
Also on their new album „Island Sceneries“ the band chooses different moods and atmospheres that fit a certain song. In „Nessie“ for instance the wild, rainy landscape of Scotland resounds somehow in the music, whereas in „Hymn“, the focus lies on the solemnity and intimity of the melody. And in the solo piece „Aran Shoreline“, the movements of the waves are transferred to the play of the left hand.
But actually it is needless to try to put in words what the music is about. What this music wants is to take the listener on a journey where he can draw his own picture of it. In any case he will enjoy exciting, fresh and contemporary trio music.
1. song
2. nessie
3. keltisches grab
4. hymn 5. aetna
6. nachtwach
7. abmarsch
8. celtic shoreline
9. home
All tracks written by Peter Zihlmann.
Recorded 17/18. Mai 2007 at DRS Radio Studio 2 Zürich.
Released 2008
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