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Anest, Alex And Naomi - Angel In Waiting

Alex and Naomi Anest – Angel in Waiting
“Angel in Waiting” is the debut record from Brambus recording artists Alex and Naomi Anest.
The album represents the best of Alex’s songwriting from 2001-2006. Many of the songs were gathering dust until Alex realized that Naomi’s pure, slightly melancholy voice was the perfect compliment to his dark, honest lyrics and melodic simplicity. The aesthetic goal of the record was to present the material in a relatively straightforward, “live” manner, with a few notable exceptions, such as “World Beyond This One,” with its backwards guitars and long coda, and “All You Davids, Who’s Goliath Now?” which is Alex’s visceral response to the neo-colonialist policies of the Bush administration.

Nationally, Alex Anest is probably best known for his work as the guitarist for Delta 88, an alt-country act which has received praise from both Joe Henry and Richard Buckner, and played important stages across the country as well as the Ann Arbor Folk Festival. When Alex married Naomi, a talented vocalist, in 2001, it was only a matter of time before the couple began a musical project of their own.
‘Angel In Waiting’ was recorded over the past two years: a group of timeless songs in simple but compelling arrangements which blend the best elements of country, rock, folk and jazz. The result is an album which marries intelligent songwriting with a high quality performance aesthetic. The Anest’s musical marriage is a happy one: Alex’s songs are the perfect vehicle for Naomi’s voice, and Naomi’s voice brings out the full potential of the couple’s songs. The Anests are musicians’ musicians, and their performances, both in recordings and onstage, are flawless, bearing all the hallmarks of significant raw talent honed by years of attention and practice.
1. angel in waiting
2. this song is a promise
3. it's raining on me
4. all you davids, who's goliath now?
5. something to do
6. world beyond this one
7. fool's gold
8. coming 'round
9. my room
10. love is like stars
Released 2007.
Price: 18,90 EUR