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Vienna Art Orchestra - Artistry In Rhythm

Vienna Art Orchestra – Artistry in Rhythm
A European Suite. Fifteen Variations over one tempo dedicated to Fifteen Capitals in one continent
Urszula Dudziak (voice), Thorsten Benkenstein, Matthieu Michel, Bumi Fian, Jurai Bartos, Thomas Gansch (trumpets), Arkady Shilkloper, Tom Varner (french-horns), Adrian Mears, Christian Radovan, Robert Bachner, Christian Muthspiel (trombones), Ed Partyka (tuba), Klaus Dickbauer, Florian Bramböck, Andy Scherrer, Harry Sokal, Herwig Gradischnig (reeds), JoJo Mayer (drums), Franck Tortiller (vib.), Wolfgang Muthspiel (guitar), Robert Riegler (bass), Patrice Heral (percussions), Mathias Rüegg (leader).
1. Graffiti in Stockholm
2. Moony Paris on the run
3. Double dealers crash into double doubts in Dublin
4.Copenhagen’s mermaid heart
5. Hanging out in Den Haag!!
6. Bruxelles ma belle
7. If Athens would have buildt by Atheists,you would never have to see the Partenon
8. Madrid Madness
9. Helsinki sinking in a inky light
10. Roma roams in Romances 12.When Vienna doesn’t walz... 14. Lisboa reverie
15. Off Beat Berlin on the Beat.
All titles composed & arranged by Mathias Rüegg. Recorded at le Théatre de la Fourmi, Luzerne 29 march 2000. Mixed at Studio Powerplay, Zürich in April by Jürg Peterhans and Mathias Rüegg.
Price: 20,90 EUR