Brambus BSIN02577762

Tajada - A una linda senorita

A very fine side production of some artists, who are part of the brambus family since several productions. The group “Tajada” presents their first production CD “A Una Linda Senorita” !
The three musicians David Brito (Venezuela) standup bass, Markus Moser (CH) acoustic guitar and Martin Ries (CH) percussion und drums formed the group in 2005. The self penned composition can easy fill in between world-music, latin and jazz, the main influences come from southern American and European music. Individual interpretation and acoustic instruments give the CD an originality, which unites old and new. And as the title suggests, romantic music: “A Una Linda Senorita”!
1. a una linda senorita
2. rapido
3. entre dos mundos
4. recuerdos
5. el trompo
6. llegara el momento
7. johnny crash
8. dias tristes con pajarillo
9. cancion de cuna
10. carisias
11. el mar
Price: 18,90 EUR